Curing Glassware


*Place glassware in a cool oven and close door.

*Turn oven on to 350 degrees.

*Once temp. is reached, cook pieces for 30 minutes.

*Turn off oven, but leave pieces inside.

*Wait 30 minutes, then open oven door.

*Wait 30 minutes, and remove pieces.

*Hand-Washing is suggested.

**Enjoy with ur favorite drink**

DIY Kits


*Wash and dry UR brush between colors.

*Paint in the direction you'd brush UR pet's fur.

*Fill in base coat.  Let dry.  Paint background and canvas sides.

*The dot on each pupil should be left unpainted.

*Whiskers can be left unpainted.

*Second Coat:  Use thick layers of paint to create texture.

*Blend colors along lines, and don't be afraid to go out of lines a little!

**Have Fun Painting**



*Photocopy UR digital drawing at desired size.

*Cut and glue front of photocopy to the back of a canvas.

*Use a bright window as a light table, and lean canvas up against it.

*Use pencil or fine sharpie to trace image onto front of canvas.

*Use sharpie to color in the pupil (not the white dot).

*Use sharpie to color in the nostrils.

*Peel drawing from back of canvas.

**Have Fun Painting**